Hello from “The Burrow”!

Doesn’t the title rhyme nicely? 🙂

Yes, we have a name now. Our publishing account will be called “The Burrow” – a place where fun rabbits like us, work hard to make software. Carrot juice is the secret of our energy. Oh, hey, did I mention we now have a logo too? Take a look-

Now that we have introduced ourselves with a name to bear in mind, we might as well explain what we are doing here. As you might have known already, we are working on a Twitter client for Windows Phone called “Twabbit”. We are working very hard to make it a fun experience for users. It is currently in the beta stage now, and we are slowly gathering some friends over twitter for some testing. Our app is almost feature complete in terms of functionality we had aimed for the first version.Don’t worry, we will announce when the public beta test starts.

However, if that starts, we might need to collect a lot of data and provide support for users facing some issues. No worries, you can just click “Raise a ticket” on the top of this page for any kind of query, suggestion, bug report, whatever. We will contact you back through mail with a solution or a LOLcat image.

That is all for now. Please do contact us through mail or on twitter for any other stuff that’s not related to Twabbit. See ya all in the next blogpost then!

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  1. Congrats and hope to see few more apps in future !


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