We are live on the Marketplace!

Yes! The time has finally come for you to experience Twabbit in it’s official marketplace form!

We have been conducting our beta marketplace program for a while now, and received rather some great feedback thanks to the awesome beta testers on our list. Kudos to you guys! You know who you are 🙂

And thanks to the amazing feedback, and getting some of the requested tweaks complete, we decided to submit Twabbit to the Windows Phone marketplace, clearly with expectations of denial and cancellation for the first few attempts but guess what, it just went live on the Windows Phone marketplace!


With that aside, I know that we promised to show you all the features of Twabbit a long time ago, but we have failed to explain you in time. But we have a good enough reason – fast iteration. Yes, we iterated our app like crazy in the last few weeks and literally pushed out lots and lots of tweaks and features. So, we had to make sure it was ready to go live and then, tell you guys how awesome Twabbit is!

Now that it is going live in a few hours in several countries, I may as well list out the main features a bit here.

Twabbit is a fun full featured Twitter client for Windows Phone.

It is fun because you can customize a lot of it to your own taste, it even vibrantly changes colors according to your theme.

It is full featured, and here’s why, in random order –

  1.  Fetch tweets at lightning speed, even with just an EDGE connection
  2.  Persistently present new tweet button that enables you to compose from anywhere inside the app
  3.  Quick reply bar for replying swiftly to conversations while viewing the tweet you are replying to, at the same time
  4.  Support for multiple twitter accounts
  5.  Support for user customizable single touch as well as multi touch gestures
  6.  Tired of nagging hastags or other social apps invading your timeline? Just mute them using Twabbit’s “under the hood” mute feature!
  7.  Upload pictures swiftly without having to worry about the network and just downscale them automatically

Supported picture upload services – Twitter, TwitPic, yFrog Supported picture previews – Twitter, TwitPic, yFrog, Instagram, 500px, pinterest, EyeEM and virtually any link that ends with a .jpg or .png. A lot more fun features await you inside Twabbit.

Download and enjoy the fun twitter experience!

So, what are you waiting for? Download it immediately for a fun experience of Twitter! GO GO GO! 😀