We are live on the Marketplace!

Yes! The time has finally come for you to experience Twabbit in it’s official marketplace form!

We have been conducting our beta marketplace program for a while now, and received rather some great feedback thanks to the awesome beta testers on our list. Kudos to you guys! You know who you are 🙂

And thanks to the amazing feedback, and getting some of the requested tweaks complete, we decided to submit Twabbit to the Windows Phone marketplace, clearly with expectations of denial and cancellation for the first few attempts but guess what, it just went live on the Windows Phone marketplace!


With that aside, I know that we promised to show you all the features of Twabbit a long time ago, but we have failed to explain you in time. But we have a good enough reason – fast iteration. Yes, we iterated our app like crazy in the last few weeks and literally pushed out lots and lots of tweaks and features. So, we had to make sure it was ready to go live and then, tell you guys how awesome Twabbit is!

Now that it is going live in a few hours in several countries, I may as well list out the main features a bit here.

Twabbit is a fun full featured Twitter client for Windows Phone.

It is fun because you can customize a lot of it to your own taste, it even vibrantly changes colors according to your theme.

It is full featured, and here’s why, in random order –

  1.  Fetch tweets at lightning speed, even with just an EDGE connection
  2.  Persistently present new tweet button that enables you to compose from anywhere inside the app
  3.  Quick reply bar for replying swiftly to conversations while viewing the tweet you are replying to, at the same time
  4.  Support for multiple twitter accounts
  5.  Support for user customizable single touch as well as multi touch gestures
  6.  Tired of nagging hastags or other social apps invading your timeline? Just mute them using Twabbit’s “under the hood” mute feature!
  7.  Upload pictures swiftly without having to worry about the network and just downscale them automatically

Supported picture upload services – Twitter, TwitPic, yFrog Supported picture previews – Twitter, TwitPic, yFrog, Instagram, 500px, pinterest, EyeEM and virtually any link that ends with a .jpg or .png. A lot more fun features await you inside Twabbit.

Download and enjoy the fun twitter experience!

So, what are you waiting for? Download it immediately for a fun experience of Twitter! GO GO GO! 😀


Twabbit “Beta” v0.5 is in the marketplace now!

We at “The Burrow” are proud to announce that “Twabbit” is ready for download at the Windows Phone beta marketplace! If you haven’t known by now, our app is a twitter client and it is a work in progress, and intends to be that way for the foreseeable future. As a consequence of us following the Kaizen method of continuous improvement, we would like to gather some feedback from you, the user!

A post detailing the features of our app will be up very soon, keep an eye out for it in the coming days!

Coming to the beta marketplace program, we already have a healthy number of beta testers totaling to 40, and thanks to MS, we can have 60 more, totaling it to 100 testers. So, we are glad to announce that the public beta is open! Let the Twabbit hunting season begin!

I am sure you are very excited to be on the list of first 100 beta testers!

As I said earlier, we are ready to gather 60 more testers. All you have to do is, leave a comment below with your live ID and your twitter handle, and we will select you from the list on a first come first serve basis. So, the first 60 comments will make it to the beta program.

And hey, if you have a developer unlocked device, please mention that in the comment too, because if we are not able to get you on to the beta marketplace list, we might just send you the .xap.

This is the link for the beta from marketplace – Twabbit v0.5 Beta

(Note: You have to be on the list to download it.)

Remember that it’s an early beta and some bugs relating to design, features and functions do exist, and that’s why we need you! We have a some known issues too, we’ll detail them in our upcoming feature post.

Coming to feedback-

You can contact us in four different ways –

Use the in-app crash management to send us a mail when something bad happens. [We are sorry in advance 😦 ]


Leave a comment on the “Raise a ticket” page


Send a mail to us – we’ll get back to you asap –

send the bugs to — nilay.shah3nov@gmail.com

send the feature suggestions to — nokia.bharad@gmail.com


Tweet us – @twabbitapp

And finally, feel free to spread the word about our app and get your power user friends on the beta list too!

P.S : If you want to feature our app in your blog or website, please don’t forget to tag it “beta” but don’t hesitate to feature it though 🙂

Thanks to all the beta testers in advance, we wish you some happy and fun tweeting with Twabbit!

Hello from “The Burrow”!

Doesn’t the title rhyme nicely? 🙂

Yes, we have a name now. Our publishing account will be called “The Burrow” – a place where fun rabbits like us, work hard to make software. Carrot juice is the secret of our energy. Oh, hey, did I mention we now have a logo too? Take a look-

Now that we have introduced ourselves with a name to bear in mind, we might as well explain what we are doing here. As you might have known already, we are working on a Twitter client for Windows Phone called “Twabbit”. We are working very hard to make it a fun experience for users. It is currently in the beta stage now, and we are slowly gathering some friends over twitter for some testing. Our app is almost feature complete in terms of functionality we had aimed for the first version.Don’t worry, we will announce when the public beta test starts.

However, if that starts, we might need to collect a lot of data and provide support for users facing some issues. No worries, you can just click “Raise a ticket” on the top of this page for any kind of query, suggestion, bug report, whatever. We will contact you back through mail with a solution or a LOLcat image.

That is all for now. Please do contact us through mail or on twitter for any other stuff that’s not related to Twabbit. See ya all in the next blogpost then!